Amvets (American Veterans) Yuma, AZ

Mission statement

AmVets post 2, Yuma, AZ, is a nonprofit all volunteer veterans service organization. The helping hand that AmVets extends takes many forms. Fifty (50) to one hundred (100) veterans and/or their families come through our doors each month needing help. Last year we helped over 750 veterans and their spouse.

Over the years, AmVets has been in the forefront of public-policy related to national defense, service for homeless veterans, adequate funding for the Department Of Veterans Affairs, and retirement pay and disability compensation for disabled military, veteranís employment and much more. In one recent year alone, AmVets Service Officers processed more than 24,000 claims that resulted in veterans receiving some $400 million in compensation.

Our post opens at 7am and closes around 10pm every day. Prices are quite reasonable. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Everything we do is for the primary purpose of raising money to help all of our veterans and their families.

Mountains of disability claims and other issues remain backlogged. The problems have worsened in the past few years yet weíve had a lot of success helping veterans in these areas. Often appeals have to be filed and forms need to be completed. It takes many phone calls, much paper work and most importantly, follow-up to bring these problems to a successful -conclusion.

Our thrift store is open as posted. Donations are tax deductible. Anything you can donate Is greatly appreciated. All the money raised goes to help our veterans.

Approximately 50% of the money we take in the canteen goes to help veteranís causes. Everyone works as volunteers. Veterans need help with anything from ge1ting into the VA System to helping them with problems in the VA system, i.e. Agent Orange, jobs, travel pay, Co-pays, pension, disability, housing or even education. We have been able to help them find work usually within 10 days. Most veterans do not even know what benefits they are eligible for and entitled to receive. For instance, veterans can receive medications prescribed for them from a Non-VA doctor. Free hearing aids, free glasses (this is for all Veterans) even if you were only in for a short time. Many other benefits are available.

Almost everyone is welcome to join AmVets Post 2. Membership donation Is $41.00 a year. We need your support. Please help us help them. Hope to see you soon. Remember, for every dollar you spend here, approximately half goes to a local veterans cause. Show your support for our veterans by visiting often.

By coming to our post for food, drink, music and promotions you show your real support for all those veterans in need. Remember what they have sacrificed through just the last 100 years. WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.

Please help us help them. Come often, bring friends.
Thank you
Howard Peck
Amvets post #2
88895-frontage road
yuma, az 85365
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